Beyond The Cup

Bermuda Coffee Roasters is committed to sourcing coffee in an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible manner. We seek to offer our customers with a transparent and traceable product and through our buying decisions, we aim to help aid in the welfare of coffee producers and their communities. We purchase specialty coffee from high quality farms that offer traceable pricing, sustainable initiatives and fair wages for their workers.

A large part of our focus is creating a business that is environmentally sustainable and responsible. We aim to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainable business practices where possible and one way that we do this is through the use of recyclable packaging on our retail products.

Ethical sourcing to us means more than just a paper trail. One of our core values at Bermuda Coffee is integrity. We want our customers to feel as confident as we are that our coffee is proudly and ethically produced from start to finish, and that their purchase contributes towards the greater good for our planet and people. Our mission is to make the daily ‘cuppa’ into an exciting experience that inspires people to think beyond the coffee in their cup. We want to be actively engaged in supporting community development, where social injustice is present and we look forward to sharing our first major project with you soon on this!

We are a young company, passionate about creating a lasting impact through our business and we will always continue to seek ways in which we can do better and be better. We are thankful for your support and we appreciate every customer who trusts us with their purchase. If you have any questions regarding our ethical sourcing and responsible business practices, then please contact us on We’d love to hear from you.