About Us

We are Bermuda Coffee Roasters.

We believe that coffee brings people together, awakens the soul and encourages friendship, productivity and creativity. People participating in community and sharing stories and memories around a good coffee cup is what inspires us. We love everything about coffee; where it grows, the processing, the varieties, the different flavours and aromas and the emotions felt when drinking a good cup of coffee. We source fresh coffee beans from around the world and caringly roast them to share with you all. Our mission is to reinvigorate your daily cuppa into an exciting experience which inspires you to think beyond the coffee.

We have a saying here at Bermuda .. “it’s the unknown that draws you in”.. but we’d like to reveal a bit of the mystery around who we are!

Lachlan and Katie live in South East Melbourne, have been married for five years and have a gorgeous 2-year-old boy who adores life. Lachlan has always had a passion for coffee and when he met Katie, he drew her into the amazing world of coffee too. Lachlan has a background working in cafes and as a salesman, starting off as a barista and moving into real estate and then technology. Working in the coffee industry has always been his dream. Katie studied to be a teacher and developed a love for overseas mission and travel. She was a teacher in India for a time and loved growing in the knowledge of different cultures and cuisines. Working in a cheese factory was one of her fondest work environments and she loves being able to draw on this for inspiration whilst she creates, packages and delivers Bermuda Coffee.

Ben and Liza have been together for 10 years and are parents to a charming toddler, Hugo and a cheeky French Bulldog, George. Ben pursued his passion for sport at university, before making the move into his family business, a 3rd generation vegetable farm. It was here that he developed his skills in sales and a passion for seeing small business grow. The successful expansion of the family business gave Ben the experience and confidence to pioneer various other business start-ups along the way. This journey has led to combining his two great loves – business and coffee, making Bermuda Coffee the perfect venture for him. Liza studied Event Management after school and pursued a career in the Events Industry, planning and managing Corporate Events, Conferences, Charity Events and Social Events. After the birth of her first child Hugo, she was eager to explore other creative pursuits and went back to school to study Floristry, which led her to start a small business in Wedding and Event Styling. Liza has always been passionate about bringing people together through events and coffee catch ups. Her love for design, marketing and events teamed with her passion for good coffee, was what drew her to become involved in the Bermuda family.

So where does the name ‘Bermuda’ Coffee Roasters come from?

Bermuda is a country known for its natural beauty and we love that it is such a mysterious part of the world. Many amazing coffee varieties are grown nearby, lovingly picked by farmers and sent to us to be roasted with care. 

The name ‘Bermuda’ has always been a significant part of Lachlan’s life. He grew up in a house on Bermuda Way in the beautiful foothills of Adelaide, and has so many amazing memories growing up there. It is where he discovered his first love and passion; coffee! And that is why we are here today!

We are excited to draw our inspiration from this beautiful part of the world and are thankful for the opportunity to share our passion for freshly roasted coffee with you all.