Our Best Tips For Coffee Storage

Understanding coffee storage and the process of maturation will give you better control over the consistency and quality of your cup. After all, we want the best out of our coffee right?! Fresh coffee can be rich and full of flavour when stored, ground and brewed well, so here are some tips to help you get the best cup of coffee!

Tip 1: Let the coffee rest!

After roasting, coffee beans slowly start to release carbon dioxide over time. This process is commonly referred to as ‘de-gassing’. Most of the carbon dioxide will release in the first 3 days, but it is best to wait 5-7 days from the roast date before brewing, as the natural flavours and sugars will continue to develop. Typical characteristics of coffee beans that have not had enough time to de-gas are a strong acidic taste, less flavour and very little aroma – a less than optimal cup! Although there is no consensus on the exact time that freshly roasted coffee is at its best, we suggest that the window of 7 to 21 days after roasting is ideal for drinking! However, good results can still be obtained beyond that time frame. As the coffee beans oxidise over time they will start to lose flavour and become stale, so it is good practice to buy smaller quantities, more regularly to ensure that you are drinking them at their best!

Tip 2: Store it in the coffee bag

Always store your coffee in the bag it was purchased in! Our coffee storage bags include a 1-way seal, which allows the carbon dioxide to escape, but prevents the oxygen from getting in. This helps the de-gassing process and means your coffee will be full of flavour by the time it’s ready to drink! If you prefer to keep your beans in a container though, make sure it’s airtight and placed away from other aromatic food. You don’t want your delicious coffee tasting like last night's lasagne!

Tip 3: Keep it at a constant temperature

Store your beans in an area where the temperature is cool and doesn’t vary too much. Keep it away from windows or from areas of the kitchen where heat and steam is a variable. And whatever you do, don’t store it on top of your espresso machine! A dark cupboard is ideal and easy to come by in most kitchens. This will mean your beans are at a consistent temperature, which results in a better grind and brew.

Tip 4: Avoid the fridge

Despite those old wives’ tales, storing your coffee beans in the fridge is not recommended! The fridge is a humid and moist environment which is not a friend of the coffee bean! By storing your beans in the fridge, the humidity will creep in and fade away those delicious, aromatic flavours of your coffee.

So there it is – our tips on getting the most out of your coffee! Let us know if you have any questions on how best to store your beans and if you're in need of coffee or would like to try something new, then you can check out our range of freshly roasted beans here.  

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