P N G  Simbu

P N G Simbu

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Think black forest chocolate cake with the sweet, rich and fruity flavour pairings of choc malt and blood plum. An excellent all-rounder which sings in espresso and milk-based drinks, and a great one to try as a filter brew also. 

Tasting Notes: Choc Malt, Blood Plum 
Process: Washed 
Region: Simbu Province – North-Eastern Highlands 
Arabica Varietal: Typica 
Altitude: 1500m+ 

Simbu is in the Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea and is the country’s third largest coffee growing province. Coffee experts live and work in the Simbu Province and work closely with farmers and their families to improve the overall quality of life for the local people, and to make sure they are paid fairly for their work.