Honduras Opalaca Organic

Honduras Opalaca Organic

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This coffee from the 'pocket rocket' South American region of Honduras explodes with chocolate and red fruit notes with moderate acidity and a smooth and round body. Think chocolate coated strawberry! A great all-rounder, drink it however you like. 

Tasting Notes: 

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Cocoa
Process: Fully Washed

Region: Opalaca
Altitude: 1250-1700m
Arabica Varietal: Lempira, Catuai, Bourbon

Honduras is a small yet mighty coffee producer. The country boasts the largest per capita coffee production in the world. Beginning in 2017, Honduras began placing in third place for Arabica production volume globally.

This coffee from Opalaca is produced by a specific group of farmers who are part of the Beneficio Santa Rosa supply chain in West Honduras. The Opalaca region runs to the east of Copán. The Beneficio Santa Rosa Mill is certified by RFA, FT, Organic, UTZ, Cafe Practices and Bird Friendly certification bodies.