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Costa Rica Naranjo

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A coffee that showcases classic fruity flavours of apple pie and raspberries, balanced with the full-bodied flavour of cacao. The Costa Rica Naranjo is versatile and delicious in any form. We recommend you try it as a cold drip or filter. 

Tasting Notes: Apple Pie, Raspberries, Cacao Nibs 
Process: Washed and machine dried 
Region: Naranjo, West Valley – Just North-East of San Jose 
Arabica Varietal: Cattura, Catuai 

Naranjo is the perfect location to cultivate delicious coffee. The coffee trees are grown in an ideal environment – a valley with lush volcanic soils, stable temperatures and an abundance of sunlight throughout the year. Small, independent farmers in this province produce an outstanding quality bean using traditional methods and the resulting coffee celebrates the natural beauty of the region.