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Chai Boy Sticky Chai - 250g

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A classic masala sticky chai (loose leaf) blend using 100% organic Fair Trade black tea from the heart of the Nilgiri Hills in India, fresh Australian grown ginger, 8 of the finest quality masala spices, all naturally preserved in Victorian Stringy Bark Honey.

Nothing artificial whatsoever.


Organic fair trade black tea: Black tea contains polyphenols that are powerful anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants fight harmful free radicals within the body and protect against toxins that damage cells and tissues. It also contains small amounts of natural caffeine, which has a protective effect on metabolism and the cardiovascular system.

Australian ginger: Ginger has been used traditionally in natural medicine for hundreds of years. It has anti-inflammatory and carminative actions for the gastrointestinal system that help with digestion, stomach pain and nausea. It also has immune enhancing properties and is beneficial against the common cold. The gingerols are the medicinal compound found in ginger that exert these therapeutic properties.

Stringy bark honey: Pure honey is a powerful immune enhancer as it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is also a demulcent which makes it the perfect soothing ingredient for a sore throat and cough. It is used in this chai blend as a natural preservative which means there are no added artificial chemical nasties!

Spices: This special blend of masala chai spices includes some of the most therapeutic phytonutrients. This includes warming cinnamon that boosts the metabolism, calms digestive upsets and promotes blood sugar regulation. Other aromatic spices include cardamom and fennel that are also soothing, balancing and anti-inflammatory on the digestive system.